Custom Enneagram Necklace


• Handcrafted fine pewter "Eden" pendant
• Hand stamped lettering for each Enneagram Type
• Hung on a dainty 18" stainless steel chain with a lobster clasp
• Organic look with a shiny, polished finish
• Hand molded, cast, and stamped in-house

Type 1: ethical, reformer, dedicated
Type 2: selfless, empathetic, helpful
Type 3: charming, resilient, motivator
Type 4: authentic, emotional, creative
Type 5: intellectual, independent, curious
Type 6: loyal, trustworthy, reliable
Type 7: optimistic, thoughtful, passionate
Type 8: honest, protective, assertive
Type 9: trusting, accepting, optimistic

How it's made

• Each piece is made from scratch. I create my designs with clay first, then make molds out of them. I then pour molten fine pewter into the molds to create the beautiful silver pieces you see here.
• I stamp each letter/design by hand with special tools. I then oxidize, clean and polish – creating an amazing piece of jewelry made just for you.
• This process allows me to personalize each piece with text and/or birthstones of your choice, making it truly your own!
• I use only jewelry grade fine pewter – 100% lead free.
• My pewter pieces are very low maintenance. Pewter does not tarnish, though it darkens over time. Just use a little soap and warm water to clean it and shine it back up using the polishing cloth included in every order.
• All chains are made of durable, tarnish free stainless steel to ensure your jewelry will last forever.
• Last but not least, my jewelry comes packaged ready to give as a gift or just a special something for yourself.