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Joysoul Jewels is a mama-owned shop that features handcrafted fine pewter jewelry & keepsakes filled with meaning. My pieces are inspired by my personal journey through motherhood, loss, and faith. Joysoul Jewels' mission is to spread joy with each and every piece. I hope that my customers smile when they open their packages; that their hearts swell with emotion, reminding them of all the blessings in their lives. I hope that their pieces bring them joy during their day and that it gives them opportunities to share their story with others.


How it all began

My name is Liesl and I'm the designer behind Joysoul Jewels. My creative journey with jewelry making began in 2012, after my twin boys were born 14 weeks early. My life was turned upside down. My precious William passed away at 20 days old, and Robby was fighting for his life. He came home after a 121-day NICU stay and we got started with therapies to help him with his development. A few months later, I opened my first jewelry business. I wanted to keep William's memory alive by making memorial jewelry for others suffering similar losses, and this also allowed me to work from home to take care of Robby.

In 2013, I gave birth to my rainbow baby, Matthew – a strong and healthy 35-week preemie. He brought me so much joy when I needed it the most. I feel like God sent him to me to help me move forward, and to give Robby a sibling to grow alongside him, and for that I am eternally grateful.

In 2014, I closed shop to re-brand and learned metal casting. In between all of Robby's therapies and raising 2 mischievous toddlers, I perfected my process, and in November of 2015, Joysoul Jewels was born. Fast forward to the present - I am a single mom working my little business to provide for my boys. My faith has grown and impacted the way I do everything, including the direction I've taken my jewelry in. My goal is to grow this business into something I can pass onto my children some day.

How it's made

• Each piece is made from scratch. I create my designs with clay first, then make molds out of them. I then pour molten fine pewter into the molds to create the beautiful silver pieces you see here.
• I stamp each letter/design by hand with special tools. I then oxidize, clean and polish – creating an amazing piece of jewelry made just for you.
• This process allows me to personalize each piece with text and/or birthstones of your choice, making it truly your own!
• I use only jewelry grade fine pewter – 100% lead free.
• My pewter pieces are very low maintenance. Pewter does not tarnish, though it darkens over time. Just use a little soap and warm water to clean it and shine it back up.
• All chains are made of durable, tarnish free stainless steel to ensure your jewelry will last forever.
• Last but not least, my jewelry comes packaged ready to give as a gift or just a special something for yourself.